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Solve Multiple Water Problems With A Single System

Living in a home that draws water from a well may lead to hardness, manganese, iron, and even unbalanced pH levels. Traditionally, if you were experiencing these issues you would purchase three different systems to remedy them. NH WaterCare, Corp has the perfect answer.

Our TotalCare® conditioners include a uniquely engineered media called Crystal-Right™. Crystal-Right™ reduces high levels of hardness, iron, and manganese while raising low pH levels.

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TotalCare® Series Conditioners

One unit. Total care.


TotalCare® conditioners are the smart, convenient water treatment system for your home and lifestyle. These conditioners disinfect your system with patented self-monitoring technology. It also uses our exclusive Crystal-Right™ media to soften water while removing unpleasant tastes and odors. They can also correct acidic water conditions to help preserve your home's piping and fixtures.

  • Patented IQ2 control monitors and records water use history
  • Exclusive Crystal-Right™ media acts as an exceptional filter and softener
  • Patented disinfection system removes iron and sulfur bacteria
  • Complete softening and filtration system in one convenient, efficient unit
  • Reduces operating and maintenance cost of household water-using appliances

If you struggle with high levels of acidity in your well water, consider our TotalCare® 1 conditioner to neutralize, filter, and soften your water all at once. 

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TotalCare® Twin Conditioner Systems

Higher capacity meets higher efficiency.


Some households are a little bigger and some daily schedules are non-stop. These lifestyles require more water and more capacity. That means high-quality water must be available when you want it and need it – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Twin systems take high capacity water treatment to the next level. These units utilize patented IQ2 technology, which ensures the system sustains an efficient supply of cleaner water and utilizes its full capacity.

Crystal-Right™ is media capable of filtering iron, reducing hardness, and raising pH levels. This feature comes standard in our TotalCare® Twin Conditioner Systems.[[:cng-sec-chrystalright]]

Product Line Brochure | Owners Manual | Specification Sheet

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