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very professional, friendly and courteous!!  
Gail P. of Jefferson, MA
Thursday, July 25th
Great Service everytime NH WaterCare comes to our house  
Dale P. of Winchendon, MA
Thursday, July 25th
Matt is excellent to deal with and Donny is very thorough in his work. NH Water Care truly cares about their customers above anything else.  
Joyce L. of Rindge, NH
Monday, June 17th
Good dependable service. Been servicing my system since 2002. 😀  
Jeffrey F. of New Ipswich, NH
Monday, June 17th
Great Team. Competent responsive and thorough!  
Timothy A. of New Ipswich, NH
Tuesday, March 24th
Always friendly and helpful. Good service. Good cost. Also informative answers any and all questions.  
Don B. of Peterborough, NH
Tuesday, March 24th
I would recommend NH WaterCare because besides your product working as promised, it's (1) the excellent customer service and (2) the personnel that not only installed and continue to maintain the system every year.
Chip D. of Peterborough, NH
Tuesday, March 24th
Testimonial Photo by David and Ann R.
Dear Matt, Thank you for responding to quickly to our distress call a couple of weeks ago. Even though it was false alarm, you were most understanding. We have been satisfied customers of NH WaterCare for over twenty years. However, since you took over the business service has improved considerably. You've been someone we can count on to respond quickly and you have always been able to solve the problems, large or small. For example, during your annual maintenance visit a year ago, you discovered a problem with out aging water pump and took the initiative to locate and schedule a reputable contractor who replaced the pump with in 24 hours, thus avoiding a major inconvenience. This was truly an emergency situation and we appreciate your positive action to quickly resolve the problem.  We are looking forward to continuing our association with NH WaterCare in the future. Sincerely,  Daver and Ann Repak
David and Ann R. of Temple, NH
Saturday, April 26th
Chris, explained what he was doing we discussed new options, he was polite and efficient.  
Keith C. of Temple, NH
Friday, May 3rd
Testimonial Photo by Dennis D.
It's been two years since you redesigned and rebuilt our water filtration system. I want to report to you that is is working perfectly, and far better than the old system. Your service has been great for the 15 years that we owned this house. However when things went wrong, and and we really needed help, your really proved yourself to be honest, smart, creative, quick to respond, and incredibly reasonably priced. Frankly, I charge way more to fix a luxury item (pool or hot tub) than you do to fix the water that I need to live. In fact, without a good water supply, my home has no value.  The original WaterCare system that was in the house was keeping our water perfectly fine, when we received an offer for a few water tests from one of your competitors. He was actually astounded that the WaterCare system in place was doing such a great job handling the iron in our water. However, he suggested adding a special system to pre-treat the water. What a mistake! That system quickly clogged and dropped our water pressure, yet its design required cutting copper pipes to clean it out! Eventually, we asked you for help with their system. Once you rebuilt it, we have had no problems, no iron stains, and great pressure.  When our well pump failed, you diagnosed it on the phone, recommended a contractor to fix it immediately, and even stopped by to check in on us!  Than you so much for all of your help and attention to detail We recommend you to all of our friends. Cordially, Dennis DiPaolo and Jeanne Larssen Owners: Seasonal Specialty Stores - Amherst, NH
Dennis D. of Mason, NH
Monday, May 19th
Great customer service
Ray R. of Wilton, NH
Monday, June 17th
My preference is for a local business and I have been fully satisfied with the equipment installed and with the men who have serviced it. My own carpentry project caused a problem with the purifier system at one point; but repairman came right out to fix it.
John C. of Wilton, NH
Thursday, July 25th
Testimonial Photo by Karen J.
Dear Matt, We would like to express our appreciation for all the hard work you put into modifying the water in our home. It is obvious that you are willing to do your best on the task at hand. We thank you for taking the time to listen to our water troubles and concerns as well as explaining what needed to be done at our level of understanding. We are impressed with the fact you answer your own telephone promptly and professionally sometimes with a bit of humor for good measure. The few times we actually had to leave a message, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly you returned the call. You also took care in keeping your work area neat and clean, "Hats off to you!" Thanks again for a job well done! Sincerely, Karen Joki
Karen J. of Brookline, NH
Friday, April 16th
Prompt, dependable service  
Kimberly & Gene W. of Brookline, NH
Monday, June 17th
On time, efficient, friendly!  
Stacy R. of Brookline, NH
Tuesday, June 11th
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